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— — «p «■» 

■■a, i. 



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1. • *> 



Randolph High School 

70 Memorial Parkway 


" lc VJt uM wjt (yO/Lget 4t (jO/igotteR wa&'-^wiA 'Delano Pooseiteft 

Joe, as we've all come to call him, has been protecting 
the halls of Randolph High School for the past twelve 
years as a member of the security staff. He has also 
devoted countless hours of service to the Randolph 
community for over twenty years as both a police 
officer and member of the Board of Selectmen. As a 
security guard at Randolph High, it is Joe's job to check 
corridor passes, monitor the entrances and exits of the 
building, and, of course to break up that occasional fight. 
But Joe is not obligated to come into work every 
morning with a smile on his face, or with kind words for 
anyone he passes. And who could ever forget the 
pocketful of candy he always has to offer to anyone 
who looks as though they need a quick pick-me-up. 
Every high school has that one person that everybody 
knows and that everybody loves. For Randolph High, 
that person is Joe. He is one of the most wonderful and 
valuable assets to this high school, and too often that 
fact is overlooked. Therefore it is both an honor and a 
privilege for the Class of 200 1 to recognize Joe as a great 
man and most importantly, a great friend. We dedicate 
our yearbook to Mr. Joseph Previti. 

Our years in high school have gone by in what 
seems like an instant As we take steps forward, we 
create our own future. A future made stronger by the 
challenges we have overcome here. The friends we 
have made and lost and the memories we've had, 
will help us to discover who we are and what we 
want to become. Years from now, as we sit with our 
children, yearbook in hand, we can remember the 
good old days we had in high school. But no matter 
how we change or what new challenges arise, one 
thing remains. We have left our mark at Randolph 
High. And we have been and always will be Number 
One. . . The Tirst Class. Ill 



Zaheer Abdool Joanne Abelard 

Ambition: Succeed at whatev- 
er I decide upon, and live a 
contented life 
Activities: JV Soccer 11 
V. Soccer 12 

Quote: "Be all you can be"- 
U.S Army 

Ambition: To succeed at what- 
ever I choose to become. 
Activities: Chorus 9 
Quote: "Always be a first-rate 
version of yourself, instead of 
a second-rate version of 
someone else." 

Cory James Alcide 


Computer Technician 
Activities: V. Football 11 
Words of Wisdom: "Don't quit 
while you're ahead, even if 
you're behind." 

Joyce Andrade 

Ambition: Business Manager 

Activities: Chorus 9 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Quote: "Seeking to know is 

only too often learning to 


— Antoinette Deshoulieres 

Jacqueline Alves 

Ambition: To be happy in life 
Activities: Powder Puff 12 
Yearbook 12 

African-American Club 10 
Quote: "I want to be what I 
was when I wanted to be what 
I am now. "Ray Prince 

Shaun Appleby 

Ambition: Live long and be 



Computer Club Pres. 10,11,12 

Quote: "I am the game! " HHH 

Daniel Ryan 


Football F 9 JV 10 V 12 

Jazz Band 10,11,12 

Band 11,12 

Student Council 12 

School Committee Rep 12 

Quote: "Do your damnedest in an 

ostentatious manner all the time " 

General Geroge S Patton 

William Aronson 

George Baldwin 

Joanne Elisabeth 

Ambition: Singer/ Dance In- 
structor/ Choreographer 

Gymnastics 9,10,11,12 
SADD 11,12 

Quote: "You miss 100% of the 
shots you don't take. "-Wayne 

Pedro Beato 

Ambition: Accountant 
Activities: V. Football 10,11,12 
Quote: "If you love something 
let it go. If it comes back to 
you it's yours, if it doesn't it 
never was."-DMX 

Krystal Benjamin 

Aaron Bembury 

Ambition: To be a success in 
the business world. 
Activities: African-American 
Club 12 

Words of Wisdom: "Be yourself 
and keep it real." 

Matthew Bere 

Activities: Baseball 10,11,12 
Quote: "People choose differ- 
ent paths in life, I choose the 
better ones. "-Adam Bere 

Meredith Beyer Sybil Aisha Bleus 

Ambition: Elementary School Teacher 
Activities: French Club 9,10 
FTA 12 
SADD 12 

Quote: "Successful is the person who has 
lived well, tried hard and loved much; 
who has gained respect of peers, who 
leaves the world better than they found 
it, who has never lacked appreciation for 
earth's beauty, who never fails to look for 
the best in others or give the best them- 
selves. "-Anonymous 

Ambition: Pediatrician 

Activities: Track 10 

African American Club 10 Sec. 


SADD 1 1 


Student Council 12 

Peer Leadership 12 

Quote: "Only those who risk 

going far can possibly find out 

how far one can go."-T.S. Eliot 

John Bradshaw II Shanaih Brinkley 

Ambition: To live life to the fullest. 
Quote: "I don't know defeat. And 
chances are, we will never meet. 
My enemies cheat because that's 
the only way they can compete. I 
want to help those who have been 
denied and mistreated. I look for 
loyalty in those that I know. A 
friend is a friend, and a foe is a foe 
Stay close to the strong and out- 
grow the weak. I know right and I 
know wrong, but I don't know de- 
feat. "-Dalinkwen! 

Stephen Brodeur Jr. 

Ambition: To never miss out on anything 

and find happiness and wealth. 

Activities: SAARV 12 

Amnesty International 12 

Quote: "Even if you're on the right track, 

you'll get run over if you just sit there."- 

Arthur Godfrey 

Marlice Cabral 

Ambition: To be successful and 



African-American Club 10,11,12 

Powder Puff 12 

Yearbook 12 

Words of Wisdom: "Talent can 

bring you far in life; intelligence is 

just a road." 

Aimee Campanella Jessica Canter 

Ambition: Massage Therapist 
Activities: Track 9 
Class President 10 
Powder Putt 12 

Words ot Wisdom "Have fun in 
lite because you only live 
once So never regret what 
you did, but regret what you 
didn't do ." 

Noelle Brown 

Ambition: To succeed in what- 
ever I choose to do. 
Activities: Basketball 11 
Powder Putt 11 

Quote: "Those who do not 
know how to weep with their 
whole heart do not know how 
to laugh either. "-Goida Meir 

Samantha Cairo 

Ambition: Music Producer 
Activities: Chorus 9,10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
African-American Club 9 
Words of Wisdom: "Whatever 
you plan to do in the future, 
stick with it And don't let any- 
one tell you what you can or 
cannot do in lite no matter 
where you are " 

Anhvu Cao Brittany Capeless 

Ambition: To live life to the fullest. 

Activities: SAARV 11 

Literary Magazine 11 

ART. 12 

Peer Leadership 12 

Powder Puff 12 

Theater Guild 12 

Quote: "My soul is painted like the 

wings of butterflies, fairy tales of 

yesterday grow but never die."- 


Jessica Carey 

Ambition: To live my life as if everyday 
were my last. 

Activities: Student Council 9,10,11,12 
Class Secretary 9 
Execultive Board 10 
Track 9,10,11,12 
Cross Country 9,10 
SADD 11,12 
Peer Leader 12 
Powder Puff 11,12 

Quote: "There are only two ways to live 
your life. One is as though nothing is a 
miracle; The other is as though every- 
thing is a miracle."- Albert Einstein 

Catherine Castillo 

Jennifer Case 

Ambition: Day Care Teacher 

Activities: Chorus 9,10,11,12 

Karate 9,10,11,12 

SAARV 11,12 

Words of Wisdom: "Always be 


Cedric Castillo 

Eric Anthony 

Ambition: Engineer or Teacher 
Activities: Band 9,10,11,12 
Jazz Band 9,10,11,12 
Marching Band 9,10,11,12 
Winter Track 9,10,11,12 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 
Class Pres. 9, Treasurer 10,11,12 
NHS 10,11,12 
Math Team 11,12 

Quote: "Whether you think you can 
or that you cannot, you are usually 
right. "-Henry Ford 

Aubrey Chaneco 

Ambition: To stay true to myself and have 

no regrets. 

Activities: International Club 9,10 

Asian Club 11,12 

SAARV 11,12 

Amnesty International Sec. 11,12 

Peer Leadership 11,12 

Quote: "To dream beautiful dreams and 

strive for them with all your heart; to take 

your talents and use them wisely and 

well, to love, to laugh, to give with joy, 

and to look forward to each tomorrow... 

that is what it is to truly live." 

Caren Chaneco Kit-Ping Chu 

Ambition: To be successful, 
wealthy and happy in lite. 
Activities: International Club 9 

Ambition: To be a top graphic 

Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Quote: "Imagination is more 
important than knowledge, for 
knowledge is limited while im- 
agination embraces the entire 
world. "-Albert Einstein 

Jessica Churchill 

Ambition: Archaeologist 

Activities: Band 9,10,11,12 

Track 10,11,12 

Chorus 9 

Quote: "Know thyself. "- 


Jobeth Coffman 

Ambition: To be happy. 

Activities: Swimming 9,10,11,Captain12 

Softball JV 9,10 V 11,12 

Basketball JV 1 1 

Band 9,10,11,12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Student Council 10.11 Cor. Sec 12 

National Honor Society 11,12 

Peer Leaders 12 

Quote: "Now this is not the beginning. It 

is not even the beginning ot the end. But 

it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. "- 

Winston Churchill 

Vincent Ciardi 

Sorayah Colimon 

Ambition: Pediatrician 
Activities: Community Service 12 
African-American Club 10.11,12 
Quote Be the best Sorayah you 
can be "My mother 

Michael Collins Gregory Connell 

Ambition: To live life to the ful 


Activities: Track 10,12 

V Soccer 9,10,11 Capt 12 

Quote: "Before you judge me, 

take a look at you! Can't you 

find something better to do?" 

James Hetfield 

Ambition To get a high paying 


Activities Football 9 

Rachael Cooper Jennifer Costello 

Ambition: To be successful 
Activities: Powder Puff 11,12 
Quote: "In the end, we will re- 
member not the words of our 
enemies but the silence of our 
friends. "-Martin Luther King Jr. 

Ambition: Nurse/ Pediatrician 

Activities: Chorus 9 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Quote: "In three words I can 

sum up everything I've learned 

about life. It goes on. "-Robert 


Amy Couture-Rizzo 

Ambition: To live forever or die try- 

Activities: Band 9,10 Treas. 11,12 
V. Soccer 9,10,1 1,12 
NHS 10,11 Treas. 12 
A.R.T. 11,12 
Math Team 11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Peer Leadership 12 
Quote: "It is not the length of life 
but depth of life." -Ralph Waldo 


Ambition: Electrician 

Gifty Debordes- 

Ambition: To help people through 

my career. 

Activities: V. Soccer 10,11,12 

Computer Club 11 

Environmental Club 11,12 

SAARV 11,12 

Quote: "Don't let life discourage 

you; everyone who got where he is 

had to begin where he was."- 

Richard L. Evans 

Ophir Degany 

Ambition: Keepin' it real. 


Wrestling 10 Capt. 11,12 

Cross Country 12 

Track 12 

Quote: "I've had a wonderful 

time, but this wasn't it."- 

Groucho Marx 

Ashley Curtin 

Ambition: To be successful and 

acheive all my goals. 


Football Cheerleading 9,10,11,12 

Basketball Cheerleading 


Powder Puff 11,12 

Quote: "A day without laughter is 

a day wasted. "Charlie Chaplin 

Elmina Darville 

< 'i 

Ambition:Lawyer/WNBA player 


African-American Club 9,10,11,12 

V. Basketball 9,10 Capt. 11,12 

Softball 10 

Track 12 

Words of Wisdom: 

"Be all you can be and don't let 

anyone interfere with your 


Tanvi Desai 

Ambition: To be successful in the busi- 
ness world. 

Activities: International Club 9.10,11,12 
Amnesty International 9,10,11,12 
SADD 9,10,11,12 
SAARV 10,11,12 
Track 9,10 
Powder Putt 11,12 
Student Council 11,12 
Quote: "The best and most beautiful 
things in the world cannot be seen or 
even touched- they must be (elt with the 
heart. "-Helen Keller 

Danielle Diecidue 

Ambition: Entreprenuer 
Activities: Chorus 11,12 
Quote: "There's nothing you 
can do that can't be done, 
nothing you can sing that 
can't be sung, nothing you 
can say, but you can learn. "- 
John Lennon and Paul McCart- 

Christopher Dixon 

Carly Ann Donovan 

Activities: Powder Puff 11,12 
Swim Team 11 Capt. 12 
Quote: "What does not kill me 
makes me stronger. "Johann 
Wolfgang Von Goethe 

Colleen Doherty 

Ambition: To stay strong and be 


Activities: Cross-Country 9,10 

Track 9 Capt. 11,12 

V. Soccer 11,12 

Powder Putt Capt. 11,12 

Quote: Dance like no one is 

watching, love like you'll never be 

hurl, sing like no one is listening. 

live like it's heaven on earth. "- 

William Purkey 

AM Drain 

Darline Eloy 

Ambition: To be successtul in 


Activities: Volleyball 9 

Words of Wisdom: "Work hard 

today, relax tomorrow " 

Ywai Engerman 

Ambition Lawyer 

V Football Cheerleading 9 10 11.12 

v basketball Cheerleading 9.10,11.12 

V Hockey Cheerleading 9 10 11 12 
Powder Putt 11,12 

Chorus 11,12 

Quote "We mwl loanje that oui futuio 

lies chietly in oui own hands Paul I- 


Alexander Eustis 

Brian Evans 
"Big B" 

Ambition: Not to be forgotten. 

Activities: Baseball 9,10,12 

Basketball 10,12 

Literary Magazine 9 

Jr. NHS 9 

Quote: "I'm slippin', I'm fallin', 

I can't get up, gettin' back on 

my feet, so I can tear it up."- 


Justin Fafel 

Jillian Ferragamo 

Ambition: To be successful 

and happy and live life to the 



Gymnastics 9,10,11 Capt. 12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Words of Wisdom: "Regret 

nothing because you learn 

from everything which can 

only make you stronger." 


Ambition: Photographer 
Activities: Chorus 10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
African-American Club 11,12 
Theater Guild 12 
Yearbook 12 

Words of Wisdom: "Despite 
what they all say, everyone 
will be missed." 

Heather Freedman 

Ambition: Accountant 

Daniel Felix Jr. 

Ambition: To make my name 


Basketball 9 

Show Choir 10 

A Capella Choir 12 

Words of Wisdom: "Everything 

happens for a reason." 

Thomas Figiel 

Ambition: To crush the equality of 
opportunity that is an equal oppor- 
tunity to prove unequal talents. 
Activities: Soccer 9,10 
Tennis 9,10,11 
Wrestling 9,10 Capt. 11,12 
Quote: "It is a golden rule not to 
judge men by their opinions but 
rather by what their opinions make 
of them. "-George Christoph Lich- 

Max Ian Gladstone Joyce Gomes 

Ambition: To be happy and suc- 

Activities: NHS 10,11 Pres. 12 
V. Tennis 9,10,11 Capt. 12 
SAARV 10,11,12 
RHTV 11,12 

Student School Committee 9 
Senior Video 12 

Quote: "Weakness of attitude be- 
comes weakness of character."- 
Albert Einstein 

Ambition: To have fun and en- 
joy life 

Activities: Soccer 11 
African-American Club 12 
Powder Puff 12 

Words of Wisdom: "Don't hold 
back on your dreams. Let your 
mind flow, while you're still 


Ambition: To live life to the fullest. 


V. Soccer 9 Capt. 10,11,12 

SADD 10,11 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Quote: "This shall be my parting 

word: Know what you want to do, 

then do it. "Ernestine Schumann- 


Patrick Guiteau 

Ambition: To be successful in 



V. Football 10,11 Capt. 12 

Quote: "What good is it for a 

man to gain the world, yet lose 

his own soul in the process. "- 


Kenniqua Gorham 

Ambition: School Teacher 

African-American Club 10,11,12 
Words ot Wisdom: "Make one mis 
take, it's forgiven. Make two mis- 
takes, it's despise." 

Paul Gulczynski 

Ambition: To have fun and live 
comfortably for the rest of my 

Quote: "Parly on. There will al- 
ways be plenty of time to rest 
in the grave 'Gaz 

Steven Gustafson Diem Phoung Ha 

Ambition: Entreprenu- 
er/ Accountant 
Activities: Band 9,10,11,12 
Quole: "Many of life's failures 
are people who did not realize 
how close they were to sue 
cess when they gave up."- 
Thomas Edison 

Ambition: Radiologist 
Activities: Diving 10,11.12 
Basketball 9,11 
Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 

Megan Rose 

Ambition: English Teacher/ Art- 

Activities: Chorus 9,10,11,12 
French Club 9 
BWB 12 

Words of Wisdom: "Be a circle 
in a square world." 

Stefanie Hall 

Ambition: To be successful and happy. 

Activities: Band 9,10,11 

Class Secretary 10 

Football Cheerleading 10,11,12 

Basketball Cheerleading10,11,12 

Student Council 10,11,12 

Show Choir 11 

NHS 11 Sec. 12 

SADD 11,12 

Peer Leadership 12 

Chorus 12 

Quote: "Everyday I try to do something 

new, accomplish a challenge- no matter 

how small and seek adventure. "-Elsa 

Cremer Kay 

Cheri Harte 

Ambition: Physical Therapist/ 
Figure Skating Instructor 
Activities: Skating 9,10,11,12 
Quote: "If you love someone 
let them go. If they come back 
to you they're yours. If they 
don't they never were."- 

Justin Hiltz 

Ambition: Become a Graphic 
Artist, get married, have kids 
and stay drug free. 
Activities: Spanish Club 9 
Quote: "Time to go, one last 
look, one last touch. Goodbye 
to those I love."-ZAO 

Christine Healy 

Heather Ho 

Ambition: To truly live every day ot my 

life, find happiness in what I do and 

change the world. 

Activities: Band 9,10,11,12 

Marching Band 9,10 

A.R.T9, 10, 12 


Theater Guild 11,12 

Student Council 11,12 

Literary Magazine 11,12 

BWB 12 

Peer Leadership 12 

Yearbook 12 

Quote: "The purpose of life is a life of 

purpose. "-Robert Byrne 

Najeema Holas- 

Ambition: To be in the Fashion 

Words of Wisdom: "No re- 

Ryan Hutchings 

Ambition: Not to be bored. 
Quote: "I'm not like them, but I 
can pretend. The sun is gone, 
but I have a light. The day is 
done, but I'm having fun. I 
think I'm dumb, maybe just 
happy. "-Nirvana 

Deena Joachim 

Ambition: Pharmacist 
Activities: Basketball 9 
Step Squad 10 

African-American Club 10,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Chorus 12 

Quote: "Trust in the Lord with 
all thine heart; and lean not 
unto thine own understanding. 
In all thy ways acknowledge 
Him, and He shall direct thy 
path. "-Proverbs 3:5-6 

Rebecca Joyce 

< 'i 

Ambition: To be happy no mat- 
ter what I do or who I'm with. 
Quote: "The worst way to miss 
someone is when they are 
standing right next to you and 
yet you can never have 
them. "Anonymous 

Steve Hyppolite 

Ambition: Emergency Room Tech- 

African-American Club 9,10,11,12 
Soccer 11 
Basketball 11,12 

Woras of Wisdom: "Dream big and 
keep your head up. Don't ever give 

David Jar 

Ambition: To raise a family Ac- 
tivities: BWB 9,10,11,12 
Student Council 9,10,11 
Math Team 10,11,12 
Asian Club 11,12 
Golf 11,12 

Quote: "The object of war is 
not to die for your country; It's 
to make the (enemy) die for 
his. "-General George S. Patton 

Nancy Joseph 

Ambition: To excel in the Business 



African-American Club 9,10.11,12 

Basketball 9,10,11,12 

Quote: "Many of life's failures are 

people who did not realize how 

close they were to success when 

they gave up. "Thomas Edison 

Aminata Kanu 

Ambition: To reach the highest 
level of my education. 
Words of Wisdom: "Never give 
up in your dreams." 

Vanessa Kavanagh Matthew Kelley 

Ambition: Entreprenuer 


A Capella Choir 10,11,12 

Student Council 9,10,11 

Class President 10 

Show Choir 12 

Oracle Staff Layout Editor 12 

Words of Wisdom: 

"Do what you have to do to 

get it done." 

Activities: Wrestling 10 

Alysia Kelly 

Ambition: Writer 


"Not to know is bad. 

Not to want to know is worse. 

Not to hope is unthinkable. 

Not to dare is unforgiveable. 

Nigerian Proverb 

Jeffrey Keough 

Ambition: To always be happy 
and live life to the fullest. 
Quote: "Man is born free and 
everywhere he is chains. "- 

Perah Kessman 

Ambition: To save the world and conquer 

Activities:GSA 11,12 
Literary Magazine 11,12 
Words of Wisdom: "To all those at whom I 
never smiled... I hope you grow to love 
yourselves more than you love your pret- 
ty hair and soft thin faces. I hope you 
learn to love your minds a little more 
than you love your pale, thin, and sickly 
bodies. I hope you learn to enjoy life 
rather than just pretending." 

Erin Kiley 

Ambition: Special Education 

Cheerleading 9,10,11,12 
Peer Leadership 9,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Quote: "Cowards die many 
times before their death. "- 
William Shakespeare 

Ivan Kidd 


African-American Club 11,12 
Words of Wisdom: "Keep it real. 

Julie Knights 

Ambition: Nurse Practitioner 
Activities: Chorus 9,10 
SADD 11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Quote: "There's things I'll re- 
member, there's things I'll for- 
get. I miss you, I guess that I 
should. 3,500 miles away, 
what would you change if you 
could?"-Counting Crows 

Francis Lam 

Ambition: Health Official 
Activities: Asian Club 9,11,12 
Math Team 10,11 
BWB 11 
RHTV 12 

Environmental Club 12 
Oracle Staff Co-Editor in Chief 12 
Quote: "Learning is riding a boat in 
a river opposite to the current. If 
you stop going forward, you go 
backward. "Unknown Chinese Au- 

Sandrine Lamothe 

Ambition: Lawyer 

African-American Club 11,12 
Volleyball 11 
Soccer 12 

Words of Wisdom: "If you want 
to become someone special 
in your life, all I can say is nev- 
er give up. Never forget your 

Rachel Lampert Michael Larosa 

Handy Laurent 

Ambition: Computer Program- 


African-American Club 11,12 
V. Soccer 12 
Volleyball 12 

Quote: "Be nice to people on 
your way up because you'll 
meet them on your way 
down. "-Wilson Mizner 

Robyn Laycob 

Ambition: To be happy and 

have fun in life. 

Quote: "For some, life lasts a 

short while, but the memories it 

holds last forever. "-Laura 


Ambition: To be happy and successful in 

anything I do. 

Activities: Swimming 9 

Softball JV 9 Capt. 10 V. 11.12 

Basketball Cheerleading JV Capt. 9 

V. 10.11 Capt. 12 

Football Cheerleading 10,11 Capt. 12 

Hockey Cheerleading 10.11 Capt. 12 

NHS 11,12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Quote: "Don't cry because it's over 

Smile because it happened '-Unknown 

Ambition: To accomplish all 
the goals that I have set in life. 
Activities: Football 9,10 
Baseball 9,10,11,12 

Gilbert Laureta 

Ambition: Business man Writ- 
er/ Sports Agent 
Activites: Jr. NHS 9 
Computer Club 11 
Quote: "I've been through 
mad different phases and 
mazes to find my way and now 
I know that happy days is not 
far away."-DMX 

Philip Le 

Ambition: Business Manage 



Asian Club 9,10,11,12 

Track 11,12 

Cross Country 12 

Words of Wisdom Be 



Alen Lee 

Candace Lee 

Ambition: To be successful in Ambition To have fun 

whatever I do. Activities: 

Activities: Amnesty International 12 

Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Basketball 9,10,11 

BWB 12 

( ( 

Karen Lee 

Ambition: Chef 
Activities: GSA 9,10,11,12 
International Club 9,10 
Powder Puff 12 
Yearbook 12 

Quote: "Don't trouble the trou- 
ble unless trouble troubles 
you." -from a fortune cookie 

Winnie Christine 

Ambition: To make people 
laugh and smile. 
Activities: Band 9,10,11,12 
Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Community Service 11,12 
Quote: "He who laughs last, 
thinks slowest."-Anonymous 

Natalie Leroux- 

Ambition: To be happy an loved. 
Cross Country 9,10 Capt. 11,12 
Track 9 Capt. 11,12 
Student Council 10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Softball 12 

Quote: "Flatter me, and I may not 
believe you. Criticize me, and I 
may not like you. Ignore me, and I 
may not forgive you. Encourage 
me, and I will never forget you."- 
William Arthur Ward 

Jonathan Leung 

Ambition: Network Administra- 
tor or Programmer 

Computer Club 10,11 
Wrestling 11,12 

Quote: "It was me staring 
through the looking glass. "- 
April Ethereal of Opeth 

Daniel Letzring 

Ambition: To live a life less ordinary. 
Activities: Student Council 9,10, V.P. 11, 
Pres. 12 

Soccer 9,10,11 Capt. 12 
Band 9,10,11,12 
Track 10,11 
SAARV Treasurer 12 

Quote: "Do not be dismayed at good- 
byes. A goodbye is necessary before 
meeting again and meeting again after 
moments or lifetimes is certain for those 
who are friends. "-Unknown 

Jordan Lewis 



Ambition: Singer 
Activities: Volleyball 11 
African-American Club 11,12 
Words of Wisdom: "Be the best 
you can be." 


Ambition: Nurse 
Activities: Powder Puff 12 
Quote: "There is a light in me 
that shines brightly. They can 
try, but they can't take that 
away from me."-Mariah Carey 

\ro\K> Wc*c*q.<\s. ^ivdM* Wf*^ 

Heather Marie 

Ambition: lo make a significant differ- 
ence in the world and to be happy. 
Activities: Football and Basketball 
Cheerleading JV Capt.9, Varsity 10.11,12 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 
Class V.P. 10, President 11,12 
NHS 10,11,12 
Peer Leader 10,11,12 
SADD 9,10.11,12 SAARV9.10 
RHTV 1 1 

Tomorrow Teacher's Club 12 
Theater Guild 12 
Yearbook 12 

Quote: "Live as if you were to die tomor- 
row. Learn as if you were to live forever."- 
Mahatma Ghandi 

Lance Marple 

Natalie Marrable 

Ambition: To be famous. 
Activities: Dance 9,10,11,12 
Quote: "If you don't stand for 
something you'll fall for any- 
thing. "-Anonymous 

Kevin McCusker 

Ambition: To own a construc- 
tion company 

Activities: V. Soccer 9,10,11,12 
Baseball 9,10 

Words of Wisdom: "Be careful 
who you trust, because later in 
life they will mess with you." 

Amber Martin 

Ambition: Actress 
Activities: Cheerleading 10.11.12 
Quote: "We live in a world of accidents 
finally, in which only aesthetic principles 
have a consistancy of which we can be 
sure. Right and wrong we will struggle 
with forever, striving to create and main- 
tain an ethical balance, but the shimmer 
ot summer rain under the street lamps or 
the great flashing glare ot artillery 
against a night sky - such brutal beauty is 
beyond dispute "Anne Rice 

Lance McGrath 

Ambition: Hotel Management 
Activities: Spanish Club 9 
Quote: "Life is too important 
to be taken seriously. "Oscar 

Paulina McKeon Felicia Medley 

Stephane Medor Arielle Misiph 

Ambition: Engineer 
Activities: Volleyball 11 
African-American Club 11,12 
Words of Wisdom: "Whatever 
happens, follow your dream." 

Ambition: To be happy and suc- 
cessful in whatever I do. 
Activities: Comm. Service 10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
SADD 11,12 
Yearbook 11,12 

Quote: "Life moves pretty fast. If 
you don't stop and look around, 
you may miss it. "Matthew Broder- 
ick in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 

David Mofford 

Ambition: To run my own life. 
Activities: Band 9,10, V.P 11, Pres 12 
Marching Band 9, 10, 11,12 
Jazz Band 9,10,11,12 
SADD 10 
A.R.T 11,12 
Senior Video 12 

Quote:"When you get what you want in 
your struggle for self and the world mak- 
es you king for a day, just go to a mirror 
and look at yourself, and see what THAT 
man has to say. "-from The Man in the 


Ambition: Radiologist 
Activities: Track 11 
Powder Puff 1 1 

Wendy Mollinedo 

Ambition: To become rich and 

Activities: Powder Puff 11,12 
Hockey Manager 11 
Peer Leader 12 

Quote: "Many people walk in 
and out of your life, but only 
true friends will leave foot- 
prints in your heart. "-Eleanor 

Kimberly Moore 

Ambition: Lawyer 
Activities: Powder Puff 12 
Quote: "Not getting what you 
wish for can be a blessing in 
disguise. "-Anonymous 

Carl Morantus Richard Morantus 

Ambition: Actor 
Activities: V. Football 12 
Words of Wisdom: "When it 
feels like you can't take that 
last step, look at the man in 
the mirror, then take that step 
and an extra one. Then re- 
member that you alone con- 
trol your dreams. Just believe 
and always you will accom- 

Ambition: To go into business 

for myself. 


V. Basketball 11 Capt. 12 

James Morris 

Ambition: To enjoy life. 

Chess Club 9,10,11,12 
Baseball 11 
Yearbook 11,12 
Quote: "He who thinks perfec- 
tion to see, sees what ne'er 
was, nor is, nor e'er shall be."- 
Alexander Pope 

Colleen Murphy 

Ambition: To become a pro- 

softball player. 


Basketball 9,10,11,12 

Chorus 9,10,11,12 

Softball 9,10,11,12 

Swimming 9,10,11 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Student Council 11. 12 

Sonia Najdzien 

Ambition: To be a successful 
filmmaker and Karate World 

TaeKwon Do 9,10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Words of Wisdom: "When life 
throws you lemons, make lem- 

Triet Ngo 

Ambition: To be richer than Bill 
Gates and more beloved than Mi- 
chael Jordan. 

Activities: Computer Club 10,11,12 
Asian Club 12 
BWB 12 

Quote: "Always do right; this will 
gratify some people and astonish 
the rest '-Mark Twain 

Linda Nwachukwu Michael O'Brien 

Ambition: To be a successful individual 
Activities: V. Soccei 9,10,11,12 
BWB 11 Co Editor 12 
Show Choir 11,12 
Theater Guild 11,12 

Quote Your ill willed actions are co 
lalysls to my ongoing victory I can climb 
mountains and soar high to overcome 
the odds Standing in my way will only 
leave you belittled l have no time lor 
petty people who try to bring me down I 
will always rise! in. da Nwachukwu 


V. Football 10,11 Capt 12 

Class Vice President 12 

Danny Ng 


Soccer 9,10 Capt. 11,12 
Track 9,10,11,12 
Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Quote: "If you wanna be num- 
ber one, you hafta train like 
you're number two ."-Maurice 

Phuc Philhp 

Ambition: To save lives 

Activities Asian Club 910 11 12 

Computer Club 10,11 

A RT 10,12 

BWB 11,12 

Environmental Club 11.12 

A Capella Choir 11 12 

Show Choir 11 

NHS 12 

Yearbook 12 

Quote For it isn't youi tamer or mome* 

or wile whose judgement upon you must 

pass The lellow whose verdict counts 

most in your lite is the one staring bock 

ttom the glass trom The Man in the 


Kodilim Ofodile Joy Okonkwo 

Ambition: Doctor 
Activites: Chorus 12 
Quote: "A double minded 
man is unstable in all his 
ways. "-James 1:8 

Ambition: Doctor 

Activities: French Club 9 

Band 9,10 

Step Squad 9, 10 

African American Club 10,11,12 

SADD 12 

Quote: "I have fought a good fight, 

I have finished my course, I have 

kept the faith."- Timothy 4:7 

Erin Alyse 

Ambition: To find my way to be- 
coming the person I want to be. 
Activities: Amnesty International 
9,10, Pub. 11,Treas.12 
SAARV 9,10, V.P. 11, President 12 
Student Council 9,10,11, Recording 
Secretary 12 
International Club 9,10 
Powder Puff 1 1 

Quote: "I may not be perfect, but 
parts of me are excellent. "- 
Ashleigh Brilliant 

Peter Pang 

Ambition: To get the respect I deserve. 

Activities: Asian Club 9,10,11,12 

BWB 9,10,11,12 

Track 9,10 

Computer Club 10,11 

Robotics Club 10,11 

Class Secretary 11 

Amnesty International 11,12 

Gymnastics 12 


Quote: "The point of life is to have more 

toys than anyone else. "-Ronald Pirrera 

Michael O'Meara 

Ambition: To graduate high 
school and achieve my goals. 
Activities: Wrestling 11 
Computer Club 11 
Jazz Band 12 

Quote: "There is no great gen- 
ius without some touch of 
madness. "-Lucius Annaeus 

Jennifer Pelini 

Ambition: To be successful in the busi- 
ness field. 

Activites: JV Basketball Cheerleading 
Capt. 9 V. 10,11 Capt.12 
Football Cheerleading 9,10,11.12 
Chorus 9,10,11,12 

Amnesty International 11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
SADD 11,12 

Quote: "The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their dreams. "- 
Eleanor Roosevelt 

Lauren Peters 

Ambition: Photographer 
Activities: Track 9 
African- American Club 11,12 
Quote: "As I move forward in a 
world with my eyes wide open, 
a world of bigger and better 
things, I see the past as only a 
positive challenge to the fu- 

Rachel Pirkot 

fc#n (on ,.a 
cmilin a) 

Lauren Posner 

Ambition: To become a suc- 
cessful musician 
Activities: Band 9,10,11,12 
Chorus 9,10,11,12 
A Capella Choir 11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Show Choir 11 
Theater Guild 12 
Words of Wisdom: "Live your 
life for today, don't stress yes- 
terday or tomorrow." 

Megan Pratt 

Ambition: Social Worker 
Activities: V. Football Cheer- 
leading 9,10,11,12 
V. Basketball Cheerleading 

Quote: "Do the hardest thing 
on earth for you. Act for your- 
self, face the truth. "-(Catherine 

Sarah Pockell 

Ambition: To never lose motiva- 

Activities: V. Soccer 9,10,1 1,12 
Chorus 9,10 
Show Choir 11 
SADD 10,11,12 
Powder Puff 1 1 

Oracle Staff Co-Editor in Cheif 12 
Quote: "Never look for justice in 
the world, but never fail to give it."- 
Oswald Chambers 

Foullone Polynice 

Ambition: To make it to the 


Activities: Track 9,10,11,12 

Powder Puff 11 

Quote: "It is easy to die for a 

friend but it is difficult to find a 

friend worth dying for."-Tarun 


Debbie Rateau Jeffrey Raymond 

Ambition: English Teacher 


Football Cheerleading 9 

FTA 11 

Quote: "I always knew looking 

back on my crying would 

make me laugh, but I never 

knew looking back on my 

laughing would make me 

cry "Unknown 

Ambition To be successful 
Activities: Golf 9,10,11,12 
Football 9,10,11 
Track 9 

Charlse Postell 

Ambition: To do the best I can. 
and have fun doing it. 
Activites: Chorus 9,10,11,12 
Theater Guild 11,12 
Powder Puff 12 

Quote: "Dont go through life, 
grow through life." -Eric But- 

Shayla Preaster 

Ambition: To teach, fufill and sue 
ceed with all the creative ideas 
that continue to build in the imagi 
native city that is my brain 
Activities: African-American Club 
V.P. 11.12 
Yearbook 12 

Words of Wisdom "Never think you 
are better than anyone Never think 
anyone is better than you Don t 
hate the unknown know the hate 
To live by hate in this world is to 
hate to live in this world " 

Fitzpaul Reid Matthew Robles 

Ambition: To be the next Bill 



Piece of Peace 10,11 

Step Squad 11 

Quote: "If you love something, 

let it go. If it comes back to 

you, it's yours. "-DMX 

Ambition: To become the best 
at whatever I do. 

V. Hockey 9, Capt, 10,11,12 
Words of Wisdom: "Look for- 
ward to all the things you plan 
on doing later." 

Matthew Rodman 

Ambition: To be a Navy Pilot 
with a wife and kids. 
Activities: V. Baseball 11,12 
V. Football 10,11 Capt. 12 
Track 10 

Words of Wisdom: "You only 
get one chance to make a first 
impression. Good luck!" 

Ryan Ross 

Ambition: Radio DJ 

Quote: "I wasn't late for class, 

the bell was early. "-Ryan Ross 

Keri Rogers 

Ambition: To live every day to its 

V. Soccer 9 Capt. 10,11,12 
SADD 10,11 

Powder Puff Capt. 11,12 
Oracle Staff Photo Editor 12 
Quote: "Always be a first rate ver- 
sion of yourself, instead of a sec- 
ond rate version of somebody 
else "-Judy Garland 

Clarence Rowell Jr. 

Melissa Ryan Michael Sandler 

Scott Sandler 

Sophia Shoot 

Ambition: To make it in lite despite all my 



African-American Club 9,10.11,12 

Basketball 9,10,11,12 

SADD 9,10,11,12 

SAARV 9,10,11,12 

Peer Mediation 9,10,11 

Track 9,10 

Amnesty International 11,12 

Peer Leadership 12 

Words of Wisdom : "Don't ever let those 

who hate overcome you; just let them 

inspire you to become what they won't 


Francisca Simon 

Ambition: Singer/Producer or 
Youth Counseler 
Activities: Chorus 12 
African-American Club 12 



Computer Programmer 


Theater Workshop 10 

Words ot Wisdom: "It you can't 

excell with talent, triumph with 


Michael Soka 

Ambition: To get into college. 

Activities: Hockey 12 

Baseball 12 

Quote: "That, which does not 

kill us, makes us stronger. "- 


Theresa Sylvestre 

Ambition: Pediatric Nurse 

Medical Assistant 


Basketball F. 9, JV 10, V. 11 

African-American Club 11,12 

Amy Silvia 

Ambition: Accountant 
Activities: Student Council 9 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Quote: "No guy is worth your 
tears. The one who is, won't 
make cry." Unknown 

Daniel Teebagy 

Ambition: Restaurant Owner/ 
Hockey Player/ Comedian 
Activities: Hockey 11,12 
Quote: "So I was like, what s 
up with the slush machine?" 
Chris Kattan in A Night at the 

Stephanie Teixeira Laura Thomas 

Ambition: Obstetrician/Midwife 
Activities: Powder Putt 11,12 
Child Development 9,10,11,12 
Quote: "When one door ot happi- 
ness closes another opens but of- 
ten we look so long at the closed 
door that we do not see the one 
that has been opened for us"- Un- 

Ambition: To be very success- 
ful and happy. 

Timothy Corbett 

Andrew Tong 

Ambition: To get a chance to jump 

out of an airplane. 

Activities: Asian Club 9,10,11,12 

Track 9 

Amnesty International 10 

Computer Club 10,11 

BWB 11,12 

Math Team 11,12 

Gymnastics 12 

Quote: "The single greatest gift you 

can give yourself is happiness. "- 

Mike Lonergan 

Michael Tracey Jr. Daniel Trowers 

Ambition: To get married, have Ambition: To rise above al 

kids and make lots of money. 
Activities: V. Baseball 11,12 
V. Hockey 11,12 
Quote: "Boo. "-Michael Tracey 

and be successful in life. 
Activities: V. Football 12 
V. Basketball 12 
Quote: "Don't be afraid of 
having your life rearranged. 
The only thing consistent 
about our existence is 
change. "-Unknown 

Timothy Tom 

Ambition: To make a six digit 

salary and have 2.5 children. 


Asian Club 9,10,11,12 

Band 9,10,11,12 

Track 9,10 

Computer Club Sec. 10,11 

BWB 11,12 

Math Team 11,12 

Shenia Torres 

Ambition: To succeed in every- 
thing I do. 

Words of Wisdom: "Life is full of 
ups and downs but as long as 
you stay true to who you are 
and make the most of what 
you've got, anything is possi- 

Richard Trull 

Ambition: To be successful in all of 

my endeavors. 

Activities:Baseball 9 

Cross-Country 9,10,11,12 

Track 9,10,11,12 

Student Council 10,11,12 

NHS 10,11,12 

Quote: "Only those who risk going 

far can possibly find out how far 

they can go."-T.S. Eliot 

Huy Truong 

Ambition: To finish college 
and become a Record Produc- 

Activities: Chorus 10 
Words of Wisdom: "Do your 
thing and get through school. 
It's your life." 

Lindsey Vara 

Ambition: Dancer/Choreographer 
Activities: JV Cheerleading Capt. 9 
V. Cheerleading 10 Capt. 11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 

Quote: "It takes as much courage 
to have tried and failed as it does 
to have tried and succeeded. "- 
Anne Morrow Lindbergh 

Jessica Veira 


Communications Advertising 
Activities: Band 9,10,11,12 
Track 9,10,12 
Blue & White Banner 12 
Words of Wisdom: "Everything 
happens for a reason. So stop 
trying to figure it all out." 

Vasco Vaz 

Ambition: To have a massive 


Activities: Attending Football 

games and Rallys 9,10,11,12 

Words of Wisdom: "If you knew 

anything, everything else 

would be easier." 

Viviana Veira 

Ambition: Computer Engineer 


Words of Wisdom: "Enjoy lite 

today. Yesterday is gone; to 

morrow may never come 

Mark Waiting 

Crystal Wass 

Ambition: To have health, wealth Ambition: 

and happiness. 

Activities: Band 9.10,11,12 

Cross Country 9,10,11,12 

Track 9,10 

V Hockey 9,10,11 

NHS 10,11,12 

Student Council 10,11,12 

Golf 11 

Theater Guild 11,12 

Tennis 12 

Words of Wisdom: •Nothing is im 

possible ." 

To Major in Early Childhood 


Words of Wisdom "Do well in 

school and always keep smil 

ing " 

Kerry Watts 

Ambition: To be successful in 
everything that I do. 
Words ot Wisdom: "Don't talk 
about it, be about it." 

John White 

Ambition: To be a famous rock 
star and have my music heard 
by everybody. If not, I'll just 
keep it real. 

Quote: "Most people live and 
die with their music still un- 
played. They never dare to 
try. "-Mary Kay Ash 

Janell Wilkinson 

Wade Witmer 

Ambition: Teacher 
Activities: Track 9,10,11,12 
Cross Country 9,10,11,12 
Student Council 9,10,11 
Quote: "Education is a pro- 
gressive discovery of our own 
ignorance. "-Will Durant 

Marc Williams 

Ambition: Creative Design 
Quote: "He who hurries cannot 
walk with dignity. "-from a for- 
tune cookie 

Ivy Wong 

Ambition: To be happy and suc- 
cessful in whatever I may pursue. 
Activities: S ADD 9,10 
Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Yearbook 12 
BWB Copy Editor 12 
Theater Guild 12 

Words of Wisdom: "There is only 
one way to fight failure: Try." 

Katie Wong 

Ambition: To be the best I can be and 

walk away happy with it. 

Activities: International Club 9,10 

Asian Club 11,12 

Powder Putt 11,12 

Swim Team 9,10,11 

Student Council 9,10,12 

Class Secretary 12 

Track 9,10,11,12 

Amnesty International 9,10,11 Pres 12 

SAARV 9,10,11,12 

Quote Many of life's failures are people 

who did not realize how close they were 

to success when they gave up. "-Thomas 


Kelvin Wong 

Ambition: To live a meaningful life to the 


Activities: Student Council 9,11,12 

Asian Club 10,11,12 

Track 10,11,12 

A Capella Choir 11 

Show Choir 11 

Amnesty International 11,12 

Theater Guild 12 

Quote: "I have not failed. I've just found 

ten thousand ways that won't work."- 

Thomas Edison 

Kimberly Wong 

Ambition: To love and to be loved. 


Football Cheerleading JV 9,10 V. 11,12 

Basketball Cheerleading JV 9,10 V. 11,12 

SAARV 9,10.11,12 

International Club 9,10 

Amnesty International 10,11,12 

Asian Club 11,12 

Quote: "Many people will walk in and 

out of your lite, but only true friends will 

leave footprints on your heart. "-Unknown 

Tiffany Keyona 

Ambition: Successful Profes- 
sional Athlete 

V. Basketball 9,10 Capt. 11,12 
Track 11,12 

African-American Club 11,12 
French Club 9 

Quote: "Life is like a box of 
chocolates. You never know 
what you're gonna get. "Tom 
Hanks in Forrest Gump 

Wtf« 1 

1 . 


Samuel Zephir Michael Nevero 

Ambition: To be a successful black 
male in America 
Activites: Band 9,10,11,12 
Football 9,10,11,12 
Track 10,11 Capt. 12 
African American Club 10,11,12 
Words of Wisdom: "Life is a simple 
system. What you put in is what you 
get back. So, live lazy now, you'll 
make up for it later." 

Photophobic Seniors 

Michael Anderson 
David Barbosa 
Andrew Camerato 
Ahmilliah Cornett 
Manuel Depina 
Ryan Donovan 
Virginia Flucas 
Arif Foreman-Murray 
Thien Huynh 
Shane Knechel 
Pik Fai Kwok 
Kerry Lai-Fook 
Stanley Moreau 
George Nee 
Yveline Norgaisse 
Elizabeth Obioha 

German Rivera III 
Gisela Roderigues 
Herbert Sandoval 
Peter Sheehan Jr. 
Ah Man Tarn 
Jun Ru Tan 
Christine Tirell 
Jensen Vatel 
Erin Wilczynski 
Corlyns Williamson 
Ching Wong 
Joshua Wong 
Ying Ying Wong 
Ju Zhen 


W. * bcl* -J 



Because another day brings to tight what another day brings, 
The anchor grimed for a second then sliced 
And nothing of any consequence hayyened. 

Because ihe motion must be constant. 

Because the motion subsumes add that comes in contact, 

The idea of the sftip slides, and its function forgotten, 

The day is no longer a shiy but a vessel, 
The descent undramatic, slow enough 
To go unnoticed by those unacguainted 

With the art of the voyage, but this vessel is leaning, 
That shore no harbor to hoyefor. 

Brian Henry 







(781) 961-6205 


(781) 961-6203 





3a the Class of 2CCI: 

Congratulations to you and your families as you graduate from Slandalph 
High School Six years, ane-thUd of your life, has been spent at this school. 
jfui many experiences of these years have given you a solid foundation upon 
which to build the next phase of your life, J have had the honor and pleasure 
of working with uau, as you yretv from apprehensive adolescents to confident 
and sophisticated young men and women. 

Cn behalf of the Jtandolph High School faculty and administration, 3 thank 
uou fa* your leadership and contri b utions to our school and community We 
all wish uou viccess in your careers and much happiness Hopefully, you 
will continue to pursue excellence and use your many talents to help others. 
Well done.' 


(Jerard J. Jynehan, 


Gerard J. Linehan 

70 MEMORIAL PARKWAY RANDOLPH, MA 0236*-45» 1781*961-6220 




(781) 961-6205 









June 2001 

To the Class of 2001 

An old Chinese proverb states that "The journey ot a thousand miles be 
one step ' As you approach the stage to receive youi diploma you «*« 
the important first step toward your destiny 

Your years at Randolph High School have hopeMly helped you to develop the 
knowledge and skills you need to overcome any obstacle* that may ke m youf 

Be happy be healthy be successful be | 

Congratulations and bon voyage 


(ftM-X CrXt*-**^ 

Robert A Johnson 
Vice Pnncipai 

Robert A. Johnson 


.•»►•>.! »1M»MJ"W »lli»l< 





(781) 961-6205 



(781) 961-6203 





Dear Members of the Class of 200 1 : 

Congratulations upon having completed your course of studies at Randolph High School 
On graduation day, you will receive that white piece of parchment paper which represents 
that all important first step in your climb towards higher educational and career 
endeavors. As you progress through life, continue to work hard, to overcome obstacles, 
and to strive for success. 

Booker T. Washington once said: "I have learned that success is to be measured not so 
much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has 
overcome while trying to succeed." Keep his words in mind as you continue to seek your 
answers and goals. 

In closing, I have personally enjoyed getting to know all of you and wish you success and 
happiness in life. Do not forget the friends that you have made and the many lessons you 
have learned here at Randolph High School. Most importantly, make certain that you 
keep in touch. 


John P. Giuggio 
Assistant Principal 

John P. Giuggio 


Karen Brodeur 
Director of Humanities 

Al Galante 
Director of Math, Science & Technology 


Arthur J. Melia 

Susan G. Taylor Ed. D. 
Assistant Superintendent 




Scott Andrew 
Social Services 

Susan Baga 


Loretta Baldwin 

Maryan Barbansi 
Career Development 

Jo Barra 
Clerical Staff 

Dan Bellistri 
Alternative Program 

David Berry 

Terry Branch 

Virginia Bradbury 
Physical Education 

Tom Brennan 

Marc Brockman 
Social Studies 

Mary Brown-Jones 

Arthur Bumpus 

Mary Campbell 

Lisa Canavan 
English/Social Studies 

Angela Cappucci 
Foreign Language 

Phil Carlino 
Physical Education 

Luke Carroll 
Social Studies 

Debbie Carter 

Kalhy Chase 

John Chuckran 
Career Development 

Robert Clark 
Community Service 

Richard Cohn 
Pupil Services 

Jayne Daly 

lynno Mono DOftdei 



Charles Dandreta 

Kathleen Dashner 

Chris Deady 
Graphic Arts 

Annette DiMascio 
Math & Technology 

Shannon Donnelly 

John Donovan 

Tom Edwards 
Computer Technology 

Sharon Ellis 

Bill Estes 

Larry Fallon 

Joanne Foley 

Kathy Gusciora 
Alternative Program 

Ed Grilli 
Advance Program 

Ellen Hahn 

Ann Harrington 
Alternative Program 

Arthur Hawkins 
Pupil Services 

Victor Herrera 
Foreign Language 

Cheryl Jacques 
Pupil Services 

Joseph Jean-Pierre 

Phil Kachinsky 
Social Studies 

Paul Kaplan 
Social Studies 

Tom Keefe 
Pupil Services 

Kathy Kiley 

Paul King 

Paula Klusas-King 
Foreign Language 


Jasmine Lellock 

Hui Ning Marsigliano 

Ted Mashrick 

Sandra McFadden 

Melissa McGralh 
Pupil Services 


Ed McGill 
Pupil Services 

Claire Mclntire 
Pupil Services 

Chris Miller 
Social Studies 

Sheila Mirow 
Social Studies 

Miriam Modncamin 
Foriegn Language 

Joanne Mullen 
Clerical Staff 

Diane Murphy 
Library Media Center 

Kim Norgren 

Dr. William O'Brien 

Gordon O Connell 
Computer Technology 

Maureen O'Connor 

Kim Orr 
Food Services 

Trish O'Meara 
Clerical Staff 

Othnel Pierre 

Bob Pillarella 
Pupil Services 

Lisa Pimentel 

Ron Pirrera 

Portia Pollock 

Ganelt Powell 

Dean Putnam 
jo language 


Kathy Rakoski 
Clerical Staff 

Brendon Riordan 
Pupil Services 

Mona Rosen 
Pupil Services 

Linda Rosenfield 
Pupil Services 

Danuta Rudnicki 
Pupil Services 

Donald Sarney 

Barbara Scott 
Clerical Staff 

Michelle Scoza 

Frank Shedlock 
Physical Education 

Susan Shoemaker 
Pupil Services 

Ann Skelly 
Foreign Language 

Dr. William Slattery 
Social Studies 

Soohun Song 

Elaine Stadfeld 
Computer Technology 

Cheryl Steward 

Arlene Sugarman 
Pupil Services 

Debbie Suleski 
Career Development 

Gloria Sullivan 
Clerical Staff 

* ! " ; ? 

*;*)• .~_."li 

Richard Sullivan 
Social Studies 

Anita Sung 

Richard Sweeney 
Health/Phys. Ed. 

Jennifer Tantillo 

Matt Tavares 
Alternative Program 

Marie Tilden 
Clerical Staff 

Ed Todd 


Lorraine Tower 
Foreign Language 

Jack Tuite 

Tom Turner 

Anthony Vellante 

Lorri Ventura 
Pupil Services 

Robert Visser 
Career Development 

Barbara Wagner 
Pupil Services 

David Wahlgren 

Maryanne Walker 
Library Media Center 

Patricia Ward 

Barbara Webber 

Toby Weisberg 
Special Education 

Jim Wheeler 
Pupil Services 

Judy Wilson 
Pupil Services 

Susan Wilson 
Pupil Services 

Fred Youngclaus 
Pupil Services 

Rachel Zalocha 


The following faculty members are not pictured. 

Marjorie Acevedo 

Teri-Ann Bumpus 

Chris Christopher 

Jennifer Cribby 

Janet Dobsovitz 

Bill Drummy 
Joan Gershman 

Bill Gould 
Arlene Grubert 

Helen Lam 

Susan McNitt 

Laura Lee Milhaven 

Richard Murphy 

Diane Samia 

Ed Weiand 

Tlui Onjadb Qbff ttioiM tilfo Ur edhd a t/mf ipeciai timk you, Hb> Mu. Tniilu Mum, 

fon, Im, kelp vuflh IkacJtiMg down fajcutig. 










1 . Ryan Phillippe 

2. Jim Carrey 

3. Adam Sandler 

Last November, a survey was taken 
actresses, musical talents and mem- 
and here are the results. Years from 
what you were thinking when you vot 
media stars. 

1 . Sarah Michelle Gellar 

2. Drew Barrymore 

3. Julia Stiles 

Wtu4tc*e *?€de*tt 

1 . Metallica 

2. N'SYNC 

3. Nelly 

1 . Backstreet Boys 

2. Britney Spears 

3. N'SYNC 

(Zomedy Seneca 

1 . Friends 

2. Who's Line is it Anyway? 

3. That 70's Show 




back street bays 


1 . Scary Movie 

2. Billy Madison 

3. Dumb & Dumber 

inquiring about your favorite actors, 
ories. Well everything got tabulated 
now, you can look back and wonder 
ed these people as your favorite 

1 . The Smurfs 

2. My Little Pony 

3. Carebears 

^i&ma, Series 

1 . Dawson's Creek 

2. ER 

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

1 . The Simpsons 

2. Rugrats 

3. South Park 

'Tft&uie frtwt t6e %0'& 

1 . Ferris Bueller's Day Off 

2. Back to the Future 

3. Space Balls 



%We OvenaM 

1 . Cruel Intentions 

2. Braveheart 

3. The Matrix 

1 . The Booty Drop 

2. 2000 Homecoming Rally 

3. Powder Puff 



Arif, call me back. I gotta 
take a picture. 

What time should Mike pick us up? 

Get off the phone! 

Me too. 

I should have slept more. 



Moit Att&fo 

Moit TcJkalb/b 

Datuuf Ng & QMm Dolmtg 

Join Bn/uklami & Itfy Wong 

Moit ObiMiottafcd 

Etta CUfiM, & Amj CodtLm-Ruzcr OpltVi Degcwj & A«bei MoxGm 


MatRodium & Luu&ey Vcm Dm LdzniMq & Lltotjw, MacGwqw, 

Mo$ ObtmiHe 

Molt Minted 

KiA/iM, h/oKg & Eim, O'McMy 

£li& CUfiit, & Vvtquda F&cai 


Mifo QMta & NabJk Mcmabtie, Ctfbtft Tiwubtf & Wum& Let 


ClaU Cmotc 

A&* Euitu & E>w Ki&y 

Miw DcMilte & £a&£andtei 


Tlt&j to got cM 


JlM FmMqcum & PefcGujfom 

Be&tfaVt, Bat Em 

Jttitfa Uifa & Najmm UoUMuqyiMk Mih OBhIm & Allt&y Cwfot 


Hito ttigbfr itarf. . . . 



°ad Gufoymk & Natatti Lwat-LuutiUf Weidj MoHkudtr & Steve, Guitafion 


£cmk PocfaM & Sou* Zeplri/i 


Twdm Supw&jfaei 


Mi. Pimm & Mu. Cami/m 




Ml. Kapim & Mu. MiMtw) 

Ok. O'Bnim & Mu. Bin 


Senior Freak Week 

Little Kid Day 

Nerd Day 


Decade Day 

Opposite Sex Day 

These Guys Are 

Say Cheese! 

Are you talking to me? 

Macho Man Vasco Vaz 

Tiff... You've got 
something in your ear. 

I am not a crook! 


Freaks Everyday... 

The wall is my friend. 








African American Club 

The purpose of the African- 
American Club is to spread aware- 
ness of African, African-American 
and Caribbean cultures. The club 
promotes cultural and ethnic diver- 
sity, acceptance and tolerance. The 
club also advocates against racial 
and ethnic persecution as well as 
ignorance. Through this curricu- 
lum, the African-American Club 
hopes to influence the students of 
Randolph High School in a positive 

Top: C. LeBlanc. M. Brice. B. Eugene. R. Clay. J. Abelard. C St. Louis, D. Edwards. K. 
Saich. D. Johnson. M. Poteau. M. Centeio. H. Laurent. J. Cazeau. I. Kidd. J. Mamo; 
Middle: S. Fontaine. T. Sisco. P. Valeriy. S. Zephir. M. Cayemite. M. Centeio. W. Paul. 
F. Simon. M. Cabral. D. Joachim. V. Valerie. J. Okonkwo. T. Sylvestre. K. Groomes. S. 
St. Louis: Bottom: J. Gomes. S. Yoffe. J. Alves. S. Shot. S. Bleus, N. Okereke, T. 
Toussant. M. Tanger. S. Williams. V. Fisher 

Asian Club 

The Randolph Asian Club strives to 
be a cultural resource for the com- 
munity's diverse youth population. It 
endeavors to learn about varied cul- 
tures and to share that knowledge 
with others through creative perfor- 
mances every year at Asian Night, 
with workshops and meetings that 
are open to anyone and everyone 
who would like to attend. Also fun 
showcases display its individual 
achievements centered around 
strides taken to educate others. Its 
main goal is to help banish ster- 
eotypes by embracing the world 
community and to label everyone 
under one title: Images of Humanity. 

, L I Ngo K W 

II ,11 ,mii' s<' k. Lrt, P fang. II llu, K 

r.D i 

Hui V* 

I Mm \ M v 



Amnesty International 

Top: D. Collins, K. Wong, R. Rosen, K. Wong, J. Madden, J. Conners 
Bottom: S. Brodeur, E. O'Malley, K. Wong, T. Desai, A. Chaneco, J. Espinosa 

"A letter written is a life saved." This is 
Amnesty International's theme. The 
phrase encompasses the goals of the 
organization, which is to help those 
who are wrongfully punished and to 
rally against tyranny and oppression. 
Amnesty International gives liberty 
and justice to people silenced by des- 
potic governments. The club contribu- 
tes numerous letters and petitions to 
Amnesty International USA, which are 
sent to government officials, generals, 
presidents, etc. It gives those who have 
been muted a voice so that they may 
speak and be heard. 

Student Alliance Against 
Racism & Violence \ 

The Student Alliance Against Racism 
and Violence strives to unite students 
of Randolph High School and produce 
a more comfortable environment. The 
Alliance meets monthly in order to 
discuss issues of prejudice, violence, 
religious and sexual preference, as well 
as other issues that members feel 
individualize them. After discussing 
these issues, the Alliance is more in- 
clined to take measures against them. 
A nationally celebrated event known 
as World of Difference Week, is run by 
SAARV annually. The week is de- 
Top: M. Wan, J. Joyce, J. Madden, J. Conners, D. Letzring, D. DeOssie, K. Dugan Signed tO Open Students eyes tO SUCH 

issues as hate crimes, date rape, and 
peer pressure with hopes that the stu- 
dents will join in the stand against 
these plaguing problems. SAARV 
works to create an atmosphere where 
every students feels equal to and safe 
with his/her peers. 


Middle: M. D' Andrea, S. Caddigan, J. Goldman, K. Le, T. Martin 
Bottom: S. Tan, E. O'Malley, R. Mak, M. Tang 

Students Against 
Destructive Decisions 

Students Against Destructive Decisions, is 
a school based organization dedicated to 
addressing the issues of underage drinking, 
impaired driving, drug use, and other de- 
structive decisions and killers of young 
people. SADD's mission is to provide stu- 
dents with the best prevention and inter- 
vention tools possible to deal with destruc- 
tive decisions. SADD members sign a 
contract for life pledging their best effort to 
remain alcohol and drug free, to never drive 
under the influence, never accept rides 
from those who are under the influence, to 
always wear a seatbelt, and to do every- 
thing in their power to understand and 
communicate with others about potentially 
destructive decisions. Friends Don't Let 
Friends Drive Drunk. 

Gay /Straight Alliance 

The Gay/Straight Alliance strives to 
celebrate diversity, to defuse homo- 
phobia and to break down the walls of 
intolerance and prejudice by educating 
the students of Randolph High School 
on gay, lesbian, and bisexual la 
Although membership Is Strictly COnfl* 
dential, over the years, the QSA I 
increased its visibility within the 
school. The GSA I 
and welcon - cud 

orientation mmI 

he' Kual 


Peer Leadership is a program responsible for older 
high school students interacting with younger stu- 
dents. The goal of the program is to help these 
younger students learn effective decision making 
skills by introducing them to high school Peer 
Leaders who can model positive behaviors, listen 
impartially and share their experiences in a helpful 
way. The program consists of three days of train- 
ing for the Peer Leaders. Following training, Peer 
Leaders conduct two or three sessions with the 
younger students. Students are chosen for Peer 
Leadership roles by recommendation. It is es- 
sential that these students exhibit positive behav- 
ior both in and outside of school, plus good deci- 
sion making concerning school work, alcohol and 
drugs, sexuality and overall citizenship. 

Peer Leadership 

E. Adhanom, S. Zephir, B. Clark, M. Christian, H. Ho, A. Couture-Rizzo 
Bottom: S. Bleus, S. Shoot, H. MacGregor, M. Beyer, C. Murphy 

Tomorrow's Teachers Club 

The Tomorrow's Teachers Club works together 
to share ideas on teaching and education. This 
recent addition to the RHS list of clubs has been 
working to invite guest speakers, to discuss 
important issues in education and to set up in 
school surveys inquiring into the minds of stu- 
dents. The club has also lent a hand with the 
after-school tutoring program designed to aid 
students who have trouble with their school 
work. The Tomorrow's Teachers Club works 
hard to promote the education of the future. 

Mrs. Ellis. M. Beyer, J. Morris, D. Mclver, T. Mazzucco, H. MacGregor 


RHTV is Randolph High School's personal television 
program used to update students and faculty about 
school news, club announcements and also lead the 
homerooms in "The Pledge of Allegiance." RHTV is 
an important tool that broadcasts information to the 
highschoolers. The students involved in RHTV bene- 
fit by learning better public speaking skills as well as 
developing skills in the use of audio and video 
production techniques. 


Top: A. Camerato, A. Fellman, K. Groomcs. Mrs. Ellis 
Bottom: S. Golder, D. Mclver, C. Ho, W. Naval, M. Gladstone 

As a student-run organization, the Randolph 
Blue and White Banner, is made possible 
through the hard work of dedicated writers 
and publishers who donate their free time to 
reporting the news that matters. The newspa- 
r staff this year consists of approximately 
twenty active staff members of all grade 
levels as well as several free-lance writers. In 
irder to produce an edition of the paper, the 
editors work with one another to make sure 
that all articles coincide with the Blue and 
White Banner's reputation of effective news 
reporting. This year the Blue and White Ban- 
ner continues to uphold its mission of main- 
taining a tradition of journalistic excellence 
here at Randolph High. 

Blue & White Banner 

Top: M. Robertson, B. Lee. A. Tong. M. HatYner. T. Tom. 1 

Bottom: C. Loo. P. Ngu\en. L. Nwachukwu, D Jji. H Ho 



Math Team 

lop: D.Collins, A. Tong, S. Au, P. Pang. J. Liang 
Bottom: £. Chalfin, D. Jar. A. Couture-Ri/zo. T. Tom 

The Randolph High School Math Team competes annu- 
ally in the Southeastern Mathematics League, made up 
of twenty four schools. For the past nine years, Ran- 
dolph has placed among the top five schools in the 
jue, qualifying for the all-state competition in each ot 
* years and placing as high as second at both the 
Massachusetts and New England Competitions in the 
medium school division. The 2000-2001 team con- 
tinues in that tradition of excellence. 

Chess Club 

Despite what many people think, 
chess is not a dull game. In actualit\ 
it is a complex battle of strategy and 
wit in Which players pit their intel- 
lects against one another. The Chess 
Club is dedicated to the game not 
the win. It is all about testing on- 
skills and the enrichment that it can 



Computer/Robotics Club 

Top: P. Nguyen, T. Hyuen, B. Lee, S. Appleby, V. Nagarajan, A. Camerato, A. Tong 
Bottom: P. Pang, M. Beyer, T. Ngo, G. Rivera, G. Laureta 

For three years the Computer/ Ro- 
botics Club has been running fast 
and strong. Over these past years 
the club has been constantly re- 
forming in order to stay current in 
an everchanging computer world. 
The purpose of the Computer/ Ro- 
botics Club is to bring together the 
minds of all people interested in 
gaining knowledge about comput- 
er software or the construction of 

Mock Trial 

The goal of Mock Trial is to help students 
develop their critical thinking skills, their 
understanding of the judicial process, and 
their ability to present themselves in a 
public and competent manner. The pro- 
gram places students in a simulated court- 
room situation where they must assume 
the roles of lawyers and witnesses in a 
hypothetical case. Students learn about ap- 
plicable case law as well as essential critical 
thinking and public speaking skills. 

Top: Ms. Lellock, M. Gladstone, R. Turner, S. Golder, E. Chikwendeu 
Bottom: C. St. Louis, A. Aru, L. Reuter, M. Robertson, K. Sullivan, J. Jackson 


Literary Magazine 

The Literary Magazine seeks to encourage 
and publish original voices from Randolph 
High School in poetry, short fiction, and 
prose. Its goal is to publish one to two compi- 
lations of student writing per year. Another 
important goal of the magazine is to further 
develop the craft of regular members through 
sharing writing, dialogue about writing, and 
writing activities. Young writers are encour- 
aged to develop their strengths and explore 
new types of writing with which they may be 
less familiar. 

J. Leroux-Lindsey. K. Savage. S. Veiga. E.Morrel. V. Desiral. Mrs. McNitt 

National Honor Society 

Top: C. Loo, K. Wong, P. Nguyen, D. Mclver. R. I mil. N. Okereke. K. Dugan. J ConnCTS B L» I ( lialfin 
Bottom: H. MacGregor, R. Lampert. A. Couture-Rizzo, M. Gladstone, ( GttviflO i ( oilman 

Scholarship, leadership, service and character are the four pillars of the National Honor 
Society which its members follow. The National Honor Society conducts monthly 
service projects to benefit the community. One of its major contributions is the 
recycling program set up within the high school. Others include the Rodman Ride for 
kids, GSS Salem Haunted ship and caroling at Sunbridge nursiiuj home Last ye«d the 
NHS was commended for its efforts with a statewide chaptei award 



A.R.T. (Aesthetic Restoration Team) is a 
group of students who meet every Friday to 
paint murals as well as restore old murals 
throughout the school. A.R.T. is comprised 
of some amazingly talented artists who spend 
weeks planning and designing a mural. 
A.R.T. is also blessed with a group of volun- 
teers who not only aid in the production of 
the paintings, but also develop skills in draf- 
ting and transferring ideas from paper into 
reality. With every mural it creates, the group 
hopes to make the school a little brighter and 
create a more pleasant atmosphere for learn- 

H. Ho, A. Couture-Rizzo, P. Nguyen, N. Hui, D. Mclver, Mrs. Ellis 

Theater Guild 

The Randolph Theater Guild is more 
than just a drama club, it is a way of 
life. Its members spend countless 
hours at rehearsals, theater exercises 
and fundraisers all to make a 
"dramatic moment." AH along, it 
has never been about the play, but 
the meaning of the audience's reac- 
tion to the players. Each member 
gives more than one-hundred and 
ten percent to see a show go off just 

Top: Mrs. Ellis, P. Nguyen, H. Ho, B. Lee, D. Mclver. T. Mazzeo, A. Geary. M. 
Robertson, C. Sullivan, K. Wong, H. Nguyen. Ms. Scoza, Mrs. Dandeneau: Bottom: 
D. Felix, K. Lydon, A. Aru. L. O'Brien, G. Rateau, F. Abdoul. D. Felix. G. Dassc 


Environmental Club 

The Randolph High School Environmental 
Club works toward promoting awareness 
of current environmental issues to the 
school and community. Its goal is to im- 
prove the local and global environment. 
The Environmental Club encourages re- 
spect towards nature and the conservation 
of natural resources. It acknowledges the 
possible consequences of a world without 
environmental concern and it fights to ac- 
complish the difficult goal of informing an 
often indifferent society about the environ- 

Skating Club 

Top: L. Haffner. T. Mazzeo. D. Mcher. Mrs. Ellis 
Bottom: N. Hui. E. Leung. C. Leung. H. Nguyen. F. Abdoul 

The Randolph High School Skating 
Team was founded in 1997. It com- 
peted in its first regional champion- 
ship that year and placed fourth. The 
next year, 1998 it placed second. 
Last year in 1999, Randolph High 
was able to call its skating team 
Regional Champions and it hopes to 
do the same this year. 

( ( ampbdl. < Hartc i Hartc 


Concert Choir 

This one hundred member choir 
meets in three different periods 
throughout each day. Three of its 
members were accepted to the 
Senior Southeastern Massachusetts 
District Festival this year. Due 
largely to chorus director, Mrs. 
Lynn-Marie Dandeneau's rigorous 
practices, every performance of 
Randolph High School's concert 
choir results in a standing ovation. 

Fourth Row: V. Flucas, C. Postell, K. Tucker. L. Hawkins, R. Poteau. J. Yactayo, M. Christian, E. Adhanom, S. 
Robert. S. Hyppolite, A. Lapon. M. O'Meara. J. Abelard, W. Paul, C. Murphy, R. Demers, J. Rodriguez. V. Desiral, D. 
Joachim: Third Row: T. Sylvestre. A. Campbell. D. Decidue, K. Otbdile. S. Cairo. S. Hall, T. Fafel, M. Albisu. M. Hill, 
M. Mir\ ille. J. Touhey. T. Tang, D. Felix. K. Groomes, S. Fontaine. J. Young, E. Drottar, C. O'Connell, T. Eicoff; 
Second Row: M. Hinton, Y. Engerman. H. Korkovilis. C. Joyner. M. Messina. M. Haffner. C. Cheung. E. O'Malley, L. 
Christmas. B. Clark, D. Field. D. Felix, E. Melon. G. Dasse. M. Cheife, A. Jones. B. Nguyen. G. Menard; First Row: J. 
Gordon. K. Rojas. S. Deome, C. Chen, A. Schuster. K. Marshall. J. Case, H. Chu, L. Erickson, D. Felix. W. Parks. C. 
Le. M. Tang, J. Tran. S. Tan, T. Martin, L. Nguyen, S. St. Louis, L. Smith, D. Tyrell, M. Ryan 

Show Choir 

Under the direction of Ms. Meghan Burke, 
this group of talented students combine 
dance moves and vocals in order to pro- 
duce finely polished performances for com- 
munity and school shows. The high ener- 
gy, up tempo singing and choreography 
make this both an athletically and musical- 
ly challenging group to be selected for. The 
Show Choir's biggest performance is al- 
ways the SRO "Pops" Concert in May. 

Pep Band 

I H 


m ^ 

% ^ w 

k ^\ 

wm 4| w^nj 

sl^r^t **£*^^m^j 

■ \ MtH 


Top: K. Lydon, E. Morrell. D. Felix. A. Williams, L. Hawkins. 

A. Geary, A. Fellman. M. Robertson, S. Deome, T. Martin 
Bottom: V. Kavanagh, P. Nguyen, K. Wong, D. Felix, L. Posncr 

The Pep Band is a group of volunteer players 
who rehearse two afternoons a week during 
the football season and perform at all home 
games. The purpose of the group is to pro- 
mote school spirit at games and rallys 

Back: M. Wan, C. Desouza, A. Butz, D. Mofford, S. Morris 
•j # Front: G. Feldman, S. Caddigan, E. Chalfin 

The RHS Jazz Band is a select music ensem- 
ble consisting of the top music students 
Tom grades eight through twelve who audi- 
tion every fall. The band rehearses four 
lours per week and in addition, participates 
in various festivals and concerts throughout 
the year. The band regularly takes part in 
annual festivals such as the Berklee Jazz 
Festival, the CINH Jazz Festival as well as the 
District and All-State Festivals, often receiv- 
ing gold medals, top ratings and soloist 
medals. The RHS Jazz Band has also re- 
ceived first place marks at the Hershey Park, 
PA and Orlando, FL music festivals. While 
in Orlando, FL in 2000, the band performed 
in the Magic Music Days at the Walt Disney 
World resort. Locally the band performs 
annually at non-profit fundraisers such as 
Concert for the Cure , Taste of Randolph, 
and the SRO "Pops" Concert in May. 

Jazz Band 

The Members are: J.Tarr, K.Kung, K.Cohen, J. Joyce, J. Conners, 

A. Banks, S. Caddigan, M. Wan, L. Laroche, K. Morrell, M. 

Joyceshore, R. Demers 

A Cappella Choir 

( lock v, isc from i "i 1 
D Felix, V. Kavanagh, S. ran. L. Poena K. Fcllman S Hall I O'M 
Nol Pictured: D I [uycn K Wonj 

This talented group meets during pe- 
riod three everyday throughout the 
school year. Its members must pass 
a prerequisite singing and theory test 
in order to be accepted into the 
class. Four of is members were ac- 
cepted to the Senior Southeastern 
Massachusetts Districts Festival this 
year with one of them receiving an 
All-State recommendation. Then 
performances have been as sponta- 
neous as strolling throughout tin 
school singing holiday songs tor fac- 
ulty and students as well as outside 

Shaw's Supermarket during Musk 
Boostei fundralsing I he A ( appeUa 
Choir works diligently al ea< h pi 
tlce In ntlnuallj 

the oi >iii forma 



Rec. Sec. K. Hill, V.P. V. Vo, Treas. M. Collins, Corr. Sec. G. Lam, Pres. S. Fox 


Ms. Scoza, Treas. W. Paul, Pres. R. Mak, V.P. K. Lee, Sec. L. Brodil 




Treas. M. Tang, V.P. N. Okereke, Pres. B. Lee, Sec. D. Felix 


v.p. m O'Brien Treat I Chalfin Pre* H. MacGregoi Set K. Wong 


Student Council 

The Student Council is a student government organization, the members of 
which are elected by popular vote. In addition to those elected by popular vote, 
there are members who are appointed to the council due to outstanding 
leadership qualities. Finally there are ex-officio members such as the class 
presidents, representatives of the school committee, representatives of the 
Massachusetts advisory board, and regional and state officers. The function of 
the student council is to represent the student body, and to promote spirit and 
community service. The members of the student council learn valuable lead- 
ership skills from one another, that will be useful tools in the future. 

Fourth Row: M. Wan, A. Geary, R. Trull, C. Duffy, D. Ardizzoni, K. Wong, M. O'Brien, T. Desai, M. Waiting. E. Chalfin, S. Bleus, H. 
MacGregor, L. Bennett, W. Paul, M. Almonte, K. Lee; Third Row: Something, K. Hill, V. Vo, C. Cabello, J. Brewer, T. Mazzeo, S. Tan, M. 
Tang, H. Ho, D. Felix, S. Yoffe, B. Lee, C. Murphy, N. Okereke, K. Williams, R. Mak, E. Leaffer, J. Lam, M. D'Andrea, M. Porter, R. Yoffe, 
K. Lydon, J. Leroux-Lindsey, G. LAm, M. Collins; Second Row: J. Daniels, D. Mclver, E. O'Malley, N. Leroux-Lindsey, J. Coffman, K. 
Dugan, E. Morrell, T. Toussant, R. Rosen, M. Coffman, D. Felix, A. Fellman; First Row: M. Hill, J. Greene, A. Sheehan, R. Blank, H. 
Alman, G. Cabello, K. Cohn, D. Deossie, E Tuton, K. Masgrove, R. Glaskin 

Executive Board 


Top: D. Letzring, N. Leroux-Lindsey, K. Dugan, D. Mclver 
Bottom: M. Coffman. A. Fellman, E. O'Malley 


Oracle Staff 

Top: H. Ho, P. Pang. F. Lam, P. Nguyen, J. Morris, D. Mclver, Mrs. Ellis 
Bottom: J. Alves, S. Fontaine, S. Preaster, V. Kavanagh, S. Pockell, K. Rogers 


Business Team 

tor in ( hief: Sarah Pockell, Student Life Editor: Linda Nwachukwu, 
Lasout Editor: Vanessa Ka\anagh PhotO 1 ditor: Ken Rogi 
Not pictured - ( o-l diloi in ( hid: I lancis Lam 

Mr. Kaplan and Diem Ha 



■Hi ^.1 




There's A Little DeviC 
In Att Of Us... 





1 \\ 






. Hit 


* ( < : 

' V «B 

• / 

/ * 

/ • « 



# 1 







Top: Coach Powell, M. Waiting, R, Trull, P. Le, D. Monteiro, E, Chikwendeu 
Bottom: S. Morris, W. Witmer, B. Lee, O. Degany 



I. Leroux-Lindsey. A. Sheehan, D. DeOssie. R. Mak. Coach Powell, V. Fisher 


Mark Waiting, Kid.;, hull. Phil I 

Natalie Lcroux-Lindte) Wade Witmer, Ophii Deg 





Top: A. Innocent, B. Monteiro, J. Sferassa, G. Cabello, H. Laurent, R. Wint, C. Gervino, S. Nankin, J. McCusker 

V. Nagarajan, S. Singer. Coach Weiand. 
W. Aronson, D. Ng, D. Letzring, K. McCusker, M. Collins, K. Dugan, Z. Abdool 

Danny Ng, Dan Letzring, Coach Weiand, Mike Collins, Kevin Dugan 


Seniors: Willie Aronson, Handy Laurent. Danny Ng, Dan Letzring, Kevin McCusker, Mike Collins. Zahir Abdool 






Top: Coach Tavares. G. Lam. J. Steinberg. M. Freitas. B. Mullen. A. Gomes. S. Sen. S. Dolgin. M. Collins. J. Lam 
Middle: P. Bazile. L. Nwachukwu. S. Pockell. C. Doherty. S. Lamothe. A. Couture-Rizzo. G. Debordes-Jackson. V. Hum 

Bottom: J. McLean. K. Roaers. S. Goncalves. L. Brodil 


Colleen Doherty. Stephanie Goncalves. Keri Rogers. 

Sandrine Lamothe. Amy Couture-Rizzo. 

Sarah Pockell. Linda Nwachukwu. Giftv Debordes-Jackson 





■■ _ - MKKM 


Hi I - 

Top: Coach Branch, Coach Sepelveda, P. Beato, M. Baker, P. Guiteau, J. Andrade, J. Hogu. C. Shirkey, C. Doherty. S. Pasquantonio, C. Johnson. 
Trowers, R. Dixon, Coach Carlino, Coach Riordan; Middle: D. Ardizzoni, A. Muhammed, S. Key, P. Bovil, C. Morantus, M. Christian. A. Lapon. 
Christian, S. Robert, J. Magherty, P. Hubacheck; Bottom: M. Rodman, M. O'Brien, P. Sullivan, N. Ngyen, J. Gordon, C. L'Blanc, J. Desire. S. Zeph 
M. Depina, B. Clark 


Pat Guiteau, Carl Morantus. Pedro Beato. Dan Trowers 

Manny Depina, Mike O'Brien. Dan Ardizzoni, Sam Zephir. Matt Rodman 

Matt Rodman, Mike O'Brien, Pat Guiteau 



E. Kiley. A. Martin, M. Pratt, J. Pelini, L. Vara, R. Lampert, S. Hall, K. Wong, N. Zaider 
L. Kelly, J. Daniels, Y. Engerman, K. Williams, A. Curtin, H. MacGregor, J. Gordon, Coach. 

Lindsey Vara, Rachel Lampert, Kara William 


Top: Coach McCarthy, K. Williams. J. Gordon. B.Davis. C Greene. L. Brodil. N. Zader. M.Pasquantoni 

L. Holt. D. Mclver, 
Bottom: H. MacGregor. R. Lampert. L. Vara. Y. Engerman. K. Wong. S. Hall 

Kara Williams, Rachel Lampert, Lindsey Vara 




Seniors Win! 1 4-7 





VMS! 1- 


ft * ft fcs£3A 


«c^t^2^ ^^n ^^P 




r •-" 


Top: K. Mullen, Coach Branch. D. Monteiro, K. Williams , S. Nankin, A. Geary, B. Lok, S. Singer, 
Coach Powell: Middle: B. Lee, K. Dugan, H. Laurent, J. Sferrazza, C. Gervino; Bottom: E. Chalfin, 

S. Zephir, R. Trull, K. Wong 


Eric Chalfin. Handy Laurent. Kelvin Won 
Sam Zephir. Rick\ Trull 

Top: Coach Branch, Coach Mullen, S. Fisher, M Poteau, R Poteau, S Camel io, S Rafuse K lean 
R. Mak, D. Felix, V. Fishci Coach Powell; Middle \ kdjei- Karamtena \ Huntci I Erickson, I 
Kicoti M Collins, H. ["ran, R Cornet) Q.James Bottom l Mellon J Churchill, I Polynict m 

Mondessii K Rosen 



Top: Coach Cordeiro, R. Lee, D. Field, L. Christmas, M. Wass, L. Nguyen, B. Leung, Coach Sullivan 

Middle: D. Popsie, M. Tang, F. Reid, J. Morrell, J. Castillo 

Bottom: S. O'Connor, O. Degany, T. Figiel 

Coach Cordeiro, Ophir Degany, Sean O'Connor, Tommy Figiel. Coach Sullivs 

2000-2001 Schedule 

Fitzpaul Reid, Ophir Degany, Tommy Figiel 


12/13 @ Scituate 
12/16 King Philiv Tourney 
12/18 Rockland 
12/20 Whitman-Hanson 
12/23 @ North Quincy 
12/29 Lowell Tourney 
12/30 Lowell Tourney 
1/3 Hingham 
1/6 Norweff Tourney 

1/10 Duxoury 
1/13 Canton Tourney 
1/17 @ Middieboro 
1/20 Weymouth Tounu 
1/24 Marshfield 
2/3 Boston Latin 
2/7 Nauset 
2/9 Soutn Sectionals 
2/10 South Sectionals 



Top: Coach Tarpee, T. Tang, P. Sullivan, S. Robert, T. Murphy, M. Christian, A. Lapon, S. Robert, 
A. Christian, C. Johnson, M. Black, B. Clark; Bottom: M. Depina, D. Trowers, S. Hyppolite, R. Morantus 



Congratulations Tiffany for being 

the newest member of the 

1,000 point club! 


team accomplished 
r ' rsUeam C ramps.Consratu 1 auons,G 1 ris. 


BIT W w 



% Bahtf Pi 


(Cm you, gueu u)lw?J & 

auiBjuoj BqjUBures '8c topping M!'- lIlu IS ' LZ folpajN C P!PJ '9Z Ml'u«piM aouBq •<;- so\|\ si^pef >£ lp>x\i i|iurs £Z 
.13X39 qjipajaiAj cc yadiutn piptf-y \z $311109 aoAOf "Oc ssoy w.\-^ '61 |P)«M ssubiq ^l sdiqcg mq\ 7.1 qSBUBAB)) bsssuba "91 
108 ^ djn W u39 ll°J 'SI s-iaSo-y U3>i >i Ayaijoa uc»o||oj •£] imidOQ auui:j\j -] aojini 111.13 ) | wdooj [3Bq3B^ oi r - IU \\ eoissaf > tuijaj U3f '$ 

P.IOJJOIAI 3ABQ /_ Op9UI|lOJA| ApU3A\ '9 OJIKJ IH|1UEIUKS 'S .1033.1^01^X1 J3qiB3}] t 3UOJSpB|£) \q\[ '£ S3A[B3UOQ 3lUBl|d3lS c UIJJIIJ \3|l|<\ I 



















— ^H Li \ ^b 

AkXli mm 

m H V 

rwere on 

■ m^mmMm^m^mm I 1 

■■ ! J Li 1 

t .^fl Hfck. ^ 

A { 

>,- - * 





■ JS^T- J 

,▲ -JL^r 

^v X'' 



■?Sfr- ::: - : %: _jfl 



^Br i^^H 



2r- K 



"m •- 

• . 




4 mfk J gf 


1 J 


r 7 

m ^^k. * 



V ^-^ 

1 - 

fj| HT^H 

It d! 



•» » i 



So Pho m ore Nigh 





It was muddy... 

Shhh! Sam is sleeping 

You can't handle this. 

Being Vice-Prez hurts my head. 

Wrestling has it's benefits 

Mark Manilla visits. 

With my financial empire, I bought a 
Mazda B-4000 pickup.. .fully loaded! 

Hey, you guys have a little something on youi face 

Well Wishes 

To my friends- CD, LS, JC, RC, WM, AM, PG, LM, PG, SS, MS, BA, KG, KW, NZ, EK, PT, VC(7/9) 

I wish you the best of luck in all vou do. Thank You. 143 AC 

Hey Guys — Knock em' dead. You'll be missed and certainly not forgotten. Thanks for all the laughs!- Mrs. Canavan 

Rebecca, Heather and Robyn- 3 SB 4 evah! I love you guys- Rebecca 

Congrats 2001 Grads- Remember... "Knowledge is Power"- Mr. Sarney 

To my BF's- JF, EK, DD, JL, BE. No matter what, you guys will always hold a special place in my heart. I will 
never forget the memories we share. I love you guys. Thank you. Love, Ashley 

Special waazaaps: Chalf, Ding, Mark, Timmayee, Andrew, Pang, Har, Philbert, the "crew" 

(everyone I haven't room for... SORRY!)- KW 

Math: There's really nothing Tuite- Mr. Tuite 

Mom- Thank you for always being there for me and also for believing in me through everything. I love you, Ashley 
Dad- Thanks for everything. Keep watching over me. I love you and I miss you, Ashley 

Los mejores deseos para su futuro! Siempre los recordare. -Mrs. Tower 

To my best friends: Najo and Dave. See you in Providence! I love you guys, Vanessa 

Best Wishes to Asian Club Officers, Andrew, Ivy and Phil as well as all graduatung members. 

We'll miss you. — Mrs. Song 

The main thing... is to try to laugh as much as you cry." -M. Angelou. Good Luck! Mrs. Norgren 

To My Favorite Seniors: Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. 
Remember you only go around once in life. With love, Bettie Engerman 

Good Luck to the Class of 2001. We finally graduated from RHS together! -Mr. Vellante 

To Sarah, Steph, Matt and Matt thanks for making high school so memorable. I love you guys ! ■ Keri 

Best of Luck to all the seniors who weathered two years of Chemistry with Mr. Todd, and also Francis. -Mr. Todd 

Justin: We're very proud to have you for a son. You're the best! Congratulations! Love. Mom and David. 143 

Shaun: Good luck in college. When you receive your college diploma, we will be there. Love, NaNa <\nd PaPa 

The 2000-2001 Girls' Basketball Team was the illest squad to ever grace the courts at RHS. 

"Throw them bows, baby!" -Nnenna Okereke 


We wanted to let you know how proud we have been of 
fou. As you go through life, remember that reaching goals is 
he result of the many steps that you take along the way. Our 
>ride is not just in the final acheivement; It is in all the work 
hat you have done. 

I You have brought joy into our lives. Now enjoy yours! 

Love, Mom and Mike 



~o my sisters of BAIHL, I wish you the best of luck in your futures. We've shared more than just 

lassrooms-we've shared our lives. Real friendship comes from showing one's true self. May we always 

tay true to our friendships! 

leather: Thanks for all the bellows of laughter, the tears of sadness, and the warmth of friendship 

ou"ve given me all these years. We'll be Snobbie & Shorty till the very end! 

trittany: You were more the rock that I leaned on for support than you'll ever realize. Your wit and 

umor will never stop amazing me. Thanks for slappin' sense into me when I needed it! 

any: Though we've grown apart, I still cherish the times we all spent together. Best of luck with your 

tudies. — Ivy 

s co-editors of this yearbook we would like to offer our thanks to several generous people who were willing to 
icrifice their time to assist us. Thank you to: 

s. Sharon Ellis - (yearbook advisor) For organizing all the steps, contacting the production company, guiding all 
le editors and thus tediously proof-reading the entire book! You have sacrificed nearly all of your private time 
help perfect our yearbook, and no words can describe how much we thank you. 

r. Kaplan - (Business Advisor) For guiding the business team of our yearbook with your rich experience in the 
jsiness world. You have taught our business team various methods to sell ads and to manage financial records. 
ju have managed to keep our yearbook experience from becoming chaotic. With out your massive biceps to 
.-ep everything under control, the price of our book may have been several hundred dollars, 
lem Ha and her staff - (Business Team - A.Misiph, S.Preaster, J.Alves, M.Cabral) For giving up your time to sell 
Ivertisements and managing records , thus keeping the price of our yearbook low. And working with the Big 

anessa Kavanagh - (Layout Editor) For sacrificing nearly all of your study halls in order to organize the 
aphics, pages, and pictures . You have made it possible for our ideas to be expressed in the yearbook with style! 
- j ri Rogers and her staff -(Picture Team - S.Fontaine and H.Ho) For taking pictures of sports, the school, people, 
id the major events of this year. And Keri for going through countless pictures to make sure that only the best 
lotos have gone in to our yearbook. 

nda Nwachukwu - (Student Life Editor) besides getting us a great discount at CVS, you were always around 
hen you were needed. Thank you for helping put together some of the best theme pages in our book. 
iil Nguyen - for selecting the possible covers of the yearbook and for designing the devil, 
idrew Tong and Peter Pang - for spending nearly a month to create the beautiful mosaic inside our yearbook, 
lis makes our 2001 edition truly unique. 

3W could you miss our yearbook staff in the hallways and homerooms? There was always something to harass 

•u about , whether it be surveys, pictures, or shout outs. Thanks for listening to us and not throw ing things at 

once we entered the room. And a special thanks to those people that came through in the end to help us i reate 

awesome yearbook. Once again thanks to everyone who helped ( reate tins yearbook >\nd w e apologize it J OU1 

me was not listed here. 



As a Chinese adage says, No feast in tftis world lasts forever. 
We have reached the conclusion of our high school career, our 

path together and our excuse to be immature. In these years 
we have studied, struggled, achieved and grown u^ with each 

other. We have ail been walking on the same patft at RHS, 

but now it is time for us to separate and move on. 
In the future, we will aft pursue our personal goals. Although 
we wili not be able to be together, through our memories and 
this litde book we wili always be connected. There are those 
of us that are anxious to move on and those that cant bear to 

leave, but we aft have a common background. Whether you 
were here for a year, or since the 7th grade, you have had an 
impact on every student of this class. A fart of you will * 
remain in each of us forever. On behalf of the whole yearbook 

staff, I hoye the teachers, faculty and students will achieve 
their personal goals and five a contented and fulfilled life. * 


* Is 


Leah Antonizick 
General Manager 

8 Highland Avenue 
Randolph. MA 02368 


L& $£ 

'HL v $ 


2ua/ify Tel - Silling 

Joanie (jnipman 
JCitn Gampoell 
Jionded & JnsureJ (78l) 986-7369 \ 


P.O. BOX 91 P.O. BOX 91 j 




(781)963-9467 (781)986-4145 j 

^JjK 'Expert ^Iterations 

HCftC UC GROW (72^ 

|t Tel.: 781-986-3530 M, 

DAVCflftC, INC. &&? 


1 Open Hours: O^lp 
Mon. -Fri.: 7:00 am. -7:00 pm. v 


%^k^. Saturday: 8:00 am. -6:00 pm. 


60 North Main Street, Randolph, MA 02368 

FAX (781) 986-7002 PRESIDENT 





Certified Public Accountant 
59 Stevens Terrace, Randolph 


Tax Planning Individual Tax Returns 
Member: Massachusetts Society CPA's 

With every best wish to the Class of 2001 



LazerZone gives its best wishes to the Class of 2001 

Good Luck Class of 2001! 

Todd A. Sandler 

REALTORS realtor 

"Proud of our Hometown!" 

(800) 244-3660 



Memorials of Distinction 

Mary Ellen Mulligan 


1060 North Main Street 
Randolph, MA 02368 



Top: J. Leung, Coach Weiand, E. Lee, E. Hui, S. Au, R. Ho, T. Hassey 
Bottom: E. Gladstone, J. Bradshaw, T. Loos, M. Gladstone, V, Nagarajan, A. Wong, B. Lee, M. Tso, S. Chin 

< oach Weiand, fow I oos, Max ( iladstone, Vijay Nagarajan 


Top: Coach Mariani, P. Hubacheck, S. O'Connor, M. Walsh, A. Lapon, A. Lewis, S. Pasquantonio, M. Tardanico, S. Heger, Coach Gould 

Bottom: R. Hutchings, M. O'Brien, M. Tracey. M. Rodman, M. Larosa 


im *x>J^£% 


Ryan Hutchings, Mike O'Brien, Mike Tracey, Matt Rodman, Mike Larosa 

Mike O'Brien, Mike Tracey, Matt Rodman 


~*£s^. ...- 


Top: Coach Arruda, E. Tangia, M. Bassila, J. Gellis, T. Rose, J. Tarr, C. Campbell, T. Monarty, J. McDonald, T. Hagan, R. Glaskin, Coach Hatfield 

Bottom: N. Leroux-Lindsey, R. Lampert, J. Coffman, C. Murphy 




Natalie Leroux-Lindsey, Rachel Lampert, Colleen Murphy, Jobeth Coffman 

■ 1 





Top: J. Sferrazza, K. Dugan, R. Trull, P. Sullivan, S. Robert, A. Lapon, J. Buonopane, C. Gervin, J. McCusker, J. Andrade, Coach Powell 
Bottom: E. Chickwendeu, B Lok, D. Monteiro, P. Le, P. Guiteau, someone, J. Morrell, D. Collins, J. Monteiro 

* $ MCK & FIELD 

A t/t~- l^-m-ZJ 

Top: H. Tran, R. Cornett, M. Collins, J. Jackson, R. Rosen, M. Mondesir, R. Poteau, V. Vo, J. Hall, Coach Mullen 
Bottom: V. Fisher, D. Felix, N. Billota, V. Hunter, F. Polynice, T. Elcoff 


Top Row: M. Gladstone, S. Hall, A. Couture-Rizzo, E. Chalfin, M. Waiting; 3rd Row: K. Wong, K. Wong, E. Wilczynski, R. Trull, 
2nd Row: A. Tong, M. Soka, P. Nguyen, H. MacGregor; 1st Row: R. Lampert, D. Jar, C. Healey, J. Coffman 

Kj^ki v 5 \iiim « 


^^^^^s p^^^ 

^H ■ 



Unese ^Are me Uimes 




M? 5W^/ JKaJe 9t: 



1 1 

Graduation- Sradt 


seiuoidjQ sap as | way sap amoiuaja3 


Graduation- Graduieren~Ad Gradum 

jszq. to jodV~ uo P^ n P^ J D ^ 


i i 


Creating a yearbook is hard work and though our editors tried very hard to find any mis- 
takes, some did slip by, so the Oracle Staff would like to offer its apologies and correct some 
misspellings, omissions and other mistakes. 

To Ahnvu Cao- We'd like to apologize for misspelling your name. 

To Melissa Ryan- We'd like to apologize for accidently omitting your 
profile. It is now printed below. 

Ambition: To work with children. 
Activities: Chorus, Girl Scouts, Swimming 
Quote: "Get a Life/' 

To the Jazz Band- We'd like to apologize for the omission of several 
names under Club Photos. The names of the entire group are now 
printed below. 

B. Albert, D. Ardizzoni, A. Banks, S. Caddigan, Z. Canter, E. Chalfin, 
K. Cohen, J. Connors, R. Demers, J. Joyce, M. Joyceshore, L. Laroche, 
K. Morrell, J. Tarr, M. Wan 




Randolph High School Library 

Randolph, Massachusetts